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Kaunos ancient city in the coast of Dalyan canal connecting Köyceğiz Lake to Mediterranean starts in the north of the port and ends in the rocky places on the upper part of Dalyan village. According to the legend, Kaunos who is the son of Miletos did not answer that love when his sister Byblis falls in love with him and then Byblis hanged herself. Thereupon, Kaunos was sent to exile, came to Karia region and founded the city. The most important characteristic of the ancient city is the rock tombs which stand strongly even today.

There were shipyards in Kaunos and a port (Sülüklü Lake of today) at the lower part of Akropolis (Fortress and city walls, City center), according to Strabon the geographer from Amasya. In those times, the sea was reaching up to Acropolis. The city was ruled by the Persian, Egyptian, Rhodes, Bergamo kingdom and Rome Empire in the course of time. KaunosKaunos It lost the importance when the sea ebbed and Kaunos port was filled with sands. The north walls of the city are in the form of ruins remained from the Middle Age. The theatre of the city is at the bottom side of Acropolis, and it has 33 rows. In addition to this, there are Rome bath, temple, basilica, meeting hall and a lot of sculpture bases in the city.

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