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 Iztuzu beach, one side of which is an open sea (Mediterranean), one side is Dalyan canal and one side is the strait which connects the canal to the sea, is a natural peninsula. It is one of the rare beaches in the world where the Carreta caretta turtles leave their eggs to reproduce. İztuzu beach, which is awarded to be the second beach which protects its natural features in the world, is a natural wonder completely. It starts at the bottom side of Radar hill which extends perpendicularly to the sea and then continues up to Delik Ada (Hole Island) and closes the mouth of the Dalyan delta. Its sands are golden color and very thin. 

 The sea is clean and limpid and its coasts are shallow. Iztuzu was used by Kaunos people in the ancient ages for not only salt production but also as a seaport. iztuzu beach It is found out that this place was a customs gate in the ancient ages and Kaunos sold salt, slaves and salty fishes there are. The length of the beach varies between 5km and 6km with the continuous movement of the sands. Structuring is not allowed except for the prefabricated establishments that are used as undressing cabins. The pets such as cats and dogs and anybody between the hours 20:00 and 8:00 are not allowed to enter the coast for not damaging the eggs in the reproduction periods of the Carreta caretta turtles.

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