Hotel Palmyra Odalar

The thermal water in the mud baths at the 4km distance to Dalyan is useful for the rheumatisms, muscle fatigue, nervous diseases, joints and calcification diseases kidney and urethra treatments. This thermal water, which is in 39 degrees, contains sulfur, chloride, fluoride and radioactive gases. It is believed that the mud bath, which is famous to be an elixir of beauty, makes the people at least ten years younger. The mud which is waited in the body for 45 minutes period of time stretches the skin and removes the wrinkles. Mud bath is very very healty for all persons. You will be young more than now if you go to mud bath thermal water in Dalyan region of Turkey. We are waiting for you for you will be younger in Dalyan. You can reach the region by means of a boat from Dalyan.

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